Complaints About Animal Treatment

Reporting Animal Abuse, Cruelty or Neglect


CVA encourages reporting of animal abuse, cruelty and neglect. The following sources may be of help to you:

PACFA, the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act that is part of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, regulates pet stores, breeders, groomers and “doggy day care” centers that operate in Colorado. PACFA will investigate complaints concerning the health, safety and treatment of pets by third parties, as well as complaints concerning the condition of facilities that pets are raised or kept in. Your name in a complaint can be kept anonymous from public records. Complaints can be filed online at:


Bureau of Animal Protection. The Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) serves as a support mechanism to local law enforcement agencies in conducting animal cruelty and neglect investigations.


Dumb Friends League

For complaints in the Denver Metro Area including: Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Broomfield, and Denver Counties.


Crime Stoppers (Animal Cruelty)

Crime Stoppers has a toll-free reporting line as well as a line for anonymous reporting. Although based in Denver, alleged instances of abuse or cruelty can be reported from anywhere in the state and the information will be referred to the closest law enforcement authorities.